What is our Disaster Recovery Service?

How to keep your business running when the circumstances are out of your control.

Power cuts, high winds, flood, fire or even snow. There are so many small disasters that could happen at the drop of a hat and then what? How do you keep your business running without power? or when you can’t physically access the building you work from?

Do you just close up for a day losing possible clientele? Do you miss new enquiries and possible new business? Do you try and work anyway without the correct resources? Or, do you transfer this responsibility to someone else?

Disaster Recovery. That’s what we call it and we have two disaster options so you can rest easy knowing you’re completely covered.

Option One: At a moments notice we can take all your calls, your client’s details and queries, any messages for yourself and the business and advise them what’s happening, why it’s happening and when you will be able to get back to them. Whether this service is needed for a day, a week or even a month we are able to take care of your business when you are unable to.

Option Two: Bring your business to us, we have a flexible working space allowing you to work from our premises, we will give you a dedicated number you can divert your office number to so the transition is flawless. Offering desks with computers ready and set up to go, two meeting rooms, our onsite IT team and the help of our professional answering service when needed.

Armed with more than 70 staff members, back up generators, 4×4 vehicles and an onsite IT team you can feel safe knowing we will always be here to help you whatever the disaster. Never worry again that a manmade, natural or mechanical disaster will stop you from doing what you do best.


Both of these options have been tailored to your business, our goal is to keep other business’s running as flawlessly as possible given the situation at the time. Whether this be taking the calls for you or welcoming you into our office we believe working together makes us stronger. Working as a team with other business’s is how we can all succeed, whatever the circumstance we have been challenged with.

How Can Our Telephone Answering Service Help You?


Why use our telephone answering service?

What are the benefits? How could it help your business? What are the costs?

Our telephone answering service is the answer to many a business problem. We build our service around two key aims; Customer service and client satisfaction. Aiming to give YOU more time for your customers and more time to spend at home with family and friends knowing your business is fully taken care of. We do this by taking all your overflow calls and all your calls when you’re out of the office. So let’s break this down, you have two receptionists but four calls coming in at the same time, what’s the plan? Do they hold on until the first two callers are finished? Do they go to an answerphone system? Or, and more likely, do they hang up because they don’t want to wait and/or don’t want to leave a voicemail?

Did you know 3 out of 4 people won’t leave a voicemail?

So what can we do to help? When this situation occurs; all your phone lines are busy, you’ve stepped into a team meeting or even, if there has been a power cut. All those people waiting to get through to you can come straight through to us, we are specifically trained to be your business, we answer in your business name and work using your personalised protocols to take the relevant details from your clients and email their information straight back to you. This means not only do your customers always get a professional and efficient service, but their information is also sent straight to your inbox ready for you to follow up when and as you wish. This creates an extension of your business, less disruption in your own office, saves you money and buys you time.

Imagine being sat in your office with a customer signing a big deal or making a large sale for the company, whilst we are taking your call’s and sending the information of another three interested customers ready for you to follow up. Imagine you have a mass power cut and can’t answer calls or gain access to your computer but then you look down at your mobile and see text’s from Phoneta letting you know which clients have called and how to get back in touch with them.

Customer service is of paramount importance when there is so much competition out there. Good marketing and a great sales pitch in order to get the customers is all well and good, but it is consistently high levels of customer service that will separate you from your competitors and keep the clients coming back. The reality is, even in this digital age, 80% of all business communication is still carried out on the phone. Can you as a business afford to provide anything less than top class service to that percentage of your customers?

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 One off Set Up Fee  £40.00  £40.00  £40.00  £40.00  £40.00
 Calls Supplied 75 125 250 500
Email Reply  Inclusive  Inclusive  Inclusive  Inclusive  Inclusive
Text Reply  20p Per Text  Inclusive  Inclusive  Inclusive  Inclusive
Monthly Charge  £20.00 £99.00 £145.00 £275.00 £495.00
 Additional Call Charges £1.70 £1.40 £1.35 £1.30  £1.25