Overflow – Out of Hours – Emergency Service

Out of Hours / Emergency Service

Phoneta have developed our Vets Messaging Emergency service over the last 25 years to ensure you get the service and experience you require.

Phoneta will manage and handle calls when your business is closed. Our professional answering service team can capture lost or missed opportunities, as we know your clients don't stop looking for vets at the end of a business day. Working with your practice, we set up a divert service from your business phone system that will activate at the end of your business day, our dedicated team will then answer any after hours calls in your name and follow your company protocols.


Phoneta can assist you on a day-to-day basis with our professional answering service when you are busy or your staff members are unable to take a call. After a set amount of time of a call going unanswered on your office telephone, the call can automatically divert to our expertly trained staff that will answer in your vets practice name and follow your company protocols. Following the call, our answering team will then email the information of the call back to your team to ensure that you do not miss any message or enquiry; this allows you to maintain communication with your clients and continue your great relationship, even when you’re not immediately available.

  Description   Cost
 One Off Set-Up Fee    Set Up, Trials and Protocols.  £60.00
 Out of Hours  Dedicated Dial in Number and Administration  £60.00 Per Month
 Incoming Calls  Per Minute (1st Minute Inclusive)  98p Per Minute
 Out Going Mobile  Billed Per Call  50p Per Call
 Out Going Landline  Billed Per Call  15p Per Call
 Out Going Pager (Phoneta Pager)  Billed Per Message  5p Per Message
 Out Going Page (Non-Phoneta Pager)  Billed Per Message  50p Per Message
 Out Going Texts  Billed Per Text  20p Per Text
 Out Going Emails  -  Free
 Additional Services  Description Cost 
 Overflow Monthly Charge  Dedicated Daytime Vets Specialist Cover 8am-6pm  £30.00 Per Month
 Overflow Monthly Charge  Inconjunction with using the Out of Hours Cover  £10.00 Per Month
 Bank Holiday Premium  Additional Cover for Bank Holidays  £12.50 Per Day
 Christmas & New Year  Additional Cover for Christmas and New Year  £15.00 Per Day