Overflow – Out of Hours – Emergency Service

£31.6 Billion is lost each year in the UK from unanswered calls, 3 out of 4 people don’t leave a voicemail and yet 80% of business is still done over the phone, so why are you missing calls?

Phoneta – Communication made easy is an inbound and outbound communication specialist based in Pool, Cornwall. We help business’s up and down the country with answering their calls. With three family generations heading up our business, along with a whole host of staff members working 24/7 it’s safe to say here at Phoneta we really care about the well-being of you and your business.

As a company we are first and foremost built on customer service and client satisfaction, aiming to give you a better quality of life, more time to really focus on your customers and enjoy time with your family all whilst never missing a business opportunity. Phoneta Business specialise in taking business calls throughout the day and into the night if needed, it ranges from just overflow to a 24/7 receptionist for your business giving you not only the opportunity for a break away in the sun knowing your business is being taken care of but also the safety that in the unfortunate event of a power cut, flood or fire we are always here ready and waiting to pick up your calls.

We have a huge range of options available every package is fully tailored to suit you and your company’s needs; however, every one of our packages boasts non-productive calls being completely free, that’s zero charge for anything unproductive. All in one go we can save you time and money yet extend your brand and give the illusion of a much larger company. Our staff answer as you, in your business name with your chosen script and protocols, taking any information you need and sending it straight back to you via text or email for you to then follow up when you desire. Offering everything from overflow and out of hours to marketing assistance and solution’s to keeping you safe whilst working alone. We strive to help you create the best package for your business.

Our staff members at Phoneta have been specifically trained to remain anonymous, courteous and efficient. They can give simple information regarding a business’s opening times and address’, take any requested information and details down as to why the clients calling, all whilst remaining friendly and professional. Creating an expansion of your staff, less disruption in your own office and lets you give your current customers your undivided attention.

Have a problem? Don’t worry, we will provide a dedicated account manager to make sure everything is running as you wish and make any updates needed. Available 24/7 to change any protocols, contact details or answer any questions you may have. We really have thought of everything when it comes to taking care of your business.
Imagine being sat in your office with a customer signing a big deal or making a large sale for the company, whilst Phoneta are taking the call’s and sending the information of another three interested customers ready for you to follow up. Imagine you have a mass power cut and can’t answer calls or gain access to your computer but then you look down at your mobile and see text’s from us letting you know which clients have called and how to get back in touch with them.

Buying time isn’t something that you can normally do until we made it possible and the first 7 days are completely free to show you just how much we could help your company.

 One off Set Up Fee  £40.00  £40.00  £40.00  £40.00  £40.00
 Calls Supplied  -  75  125  250  500
 Email Reply  Inclusive  Inclusive  Inclusive  Inclusive  Inclusive
 Text Reply  20p Per Text  Inclusive  Inclusive  Inclusive  Inclusive
 Monthly Charge  £20.00  £99.00  £145.00  £275.00  £495.00
 Additional Call Charges  £1.70  £1.40  £1.35  £1.30  £1.25