26 years ago, when the company formed we concentrated on looking after out of hours calls for Doctors Surgeries. Over the years we have refined this service to cover the Doctors during the top and tail of the day and during lunchtime cover. At eight O'Clock in the morning the 111 service is suspended leaving callers nowhere to turn if they require a Doctor other than them making a 999 call for selected surgeries. Again, this happens in the evening between the surgery closing and the 111-service re-engaging.

These tend to be the two busiest time of the day for our call handlers. We can triple the volume of calls during these two 30-minute periods compared to any other 30-minute period in the day.

We answer the call as your Surgery we cover and ascertain if it's an emergency. Once we can establish the severity of the call we can assist the caller as per your surgeries brief. We also provide cover during the day if your surgery requires lunchtime cover, sickness cover or time out in the day for a team meeting.

It's not just the Doctors surgeries we assist. We can provide cover for all different segments of the health sector, from Dentists, Chiropractors to Physiotherapists and more.

We are also able to provide a virtual diary management service, taking booking and cancellations down the phone to assist your reception team during busy periods.

In 2018 we were awarded the 3-year contract for the North Devon and District NHS.

We provide assistance, Monday to Friday from 17:00 – 09:00 and all-day Saturday and Sunday 365 days a year.

Our Dedicated team ar For more information please go to hello@phoneta.co.uk.