Lone worker monitoring services

Phoneta offer 24-hour lone worker monitoring. Our dedicated and experienced team can monitor your staff and be their first point of call when they need help. This means you can relax knowing your staff members are safe. We make it our business to look after the staff in your business when you need it the most.

Alarming stories can and do happen. For example, in July 1986 British estate agent Susie Lamplugh disappeared whilst out on an appointment. She was declared dead in 1994, but her body has never been found. Although this is a rare scenario it does demonstrate the importance of looking after your staff.

Our services include a dial in to book on, and a book off hourly check calls or daily agreed time. Should a staff member fail to meet your agreed check in times we will invoke the protocols and get assistance to them as well as notify you.

We offer the same care through text (SMS) service. We will follow the same procedures if anyone within the team fails to text in on time.

Your staff’s safety is our concern.

For more information on working alone in accordance to the Health and Safety Executive please click here

Disaster Recovery

Phoneta's Disaster Recovery service is designed to be an affordable solution to any natural, manmade or mechanical disaster that means you are unable to answer and deal with your own calls. Phoneta has flexible space to allow you to work from our premises whilst yours is recovering from a disaster, also using our professional answering service to lend support where needed.