In early 2017 Phoneta Communications was born, just an idea then but an idea born from our own frustrations experienced when working with other technology service providers. Because of these experiences the directors of Phoneta saw an opportunity, an opportunity to provide further training to its internal IT team and launch its own technology service. By November 2017 Phoneta’s plans of its own technology team were well underway but they needed to make it bigger and better.

Introducing Gylly Computer Services, an already successful technology service providing its services to customers across both commercial and domestic markets. With the idea to move both companies forward brought the merge of Gylly Computer Services and Phoneta, to accelerate Phoneta’s plans and build on Gylly Computer Services’ already large clientele. Both with the same ethos at their core to provide; local, personal and face to face support to businesses, the hospitality industry and home users throughout the South West.

Since then, Gylly Computer Services has continued to expand its client base, focusing on supplying their clients across all markets with robust, cost-effective and up to date technology solutions. Meaning they can go forward to provide their own customers the very best experience. We know this is so important for every business, we understand your employee’s capability and staffs experience is at the heart of your business, which is why our customers are at the heart of ours.

Businesses come in many different shapes and sizes and getting the right mix of the many different technological solutions available can be difficult. With our wealth of knowledge, experience and love of everything IT, combined with the understanding of what your businesses needs to excel, we can offer you the very best service and the best return on your investment with us.

With the ever-increasing cost and complications of using technology in the home, Gylly Computer Services can help you to navigate the sometimes confusing waters of technology. Home users have almost as many options, if not more available to them than many businesses. This can include anything from your wireless connections, internet security or a complete computer repair and more, with our open and honest advice you can be sure to get the right solution for you.

Gylly Computer Services currently offer their personal IT support service to a variety of markets. Although they specialise in the hospitality industry, their IT support service is available to all markets, so regardless of whether you’re a sole trader, a small, medium or large business or a hotel Gylly Computer Services can find the correct solution for you!

The team at Gylly Computer Services have a vast range of services on offer including IT Support, CCTV Installations, IT Security Solutions, Guest WiFi, and so much more.

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