Reason You Should Use a Telephone Answering Service – 2

The Cornwall Business Show
March 7, 2017
Pirate 2’s Business Hub
March 7, 2017

It Creates the Illusion of Size

To attract the bigger business and contract you already know you need to appear big enough yourself. It makes it easier to win the bug business if they already persevere you as being big. To do this you have created your professional website and promotional material. You are happy with them, you have already won some smaller contracts with them. Now imagine this scenario:

Your next big contract has just found your website and is thinking “This looks like a professional business, they could probably provide me with the product/service I am looking for”. You are in luck, not only is it the big business you have been trying to attract but is the decision maker who doesn’t need to check with anyone else before booking the work!

They use your web form to request more information. You see this email in you inbox within seconds as you have alerts set up so you don’t miss enquiries. You respond in minutes with the exact information they are looking for. The decision maker is now thinking “Yes they are the right company for me, I’ll give John a ring to book it in/order it”

He/She dials the number “Ring Ring, Ring Ring, Ring Ring, Ring Ring, Hmm bit slow, Ring Ring, Ring Ring, Ring Ring, Ring Click Welcome to the mobile voice mail service, the person you are calling can’t take your call please leave your message after the tone” With that the illusion of your size is gone forever, even if you’re lucky enough that they leave a message and you ring them back in seconds, the seed of doubt is already planted.

Now imagine this scenario: He/She dials the number “Ring Ring, Hello, Your Perfect Solution, Simon speaking how can I help”, “Hello John sent me an email a few minutes ago could I speak to him a bit further please”, “Certainly he is on the phone at the moment, may I take a message and ask him to phone you back?”, “Certainly my name is David…”. With the second scenario your illusion of size is intact and you are well on the way to winning that big contract.

Using your mobile phone you will get the first scenario, using and answering service you get the second. I know which I would prefer as a buyer.

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