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When you know you just know?

Final farewell from the Sales and Marketing Director Richard Woods

I want to start by taking you back 4 years and I joined a company called Kernow Message Handling Services (www.kmhs.co.uk). This was a successful business built on word of mouth for over 25 years. It originated by the Caddy family and to this day it is owned and managed by the 3rd generation member Anthony Caddy.  

I used to walk into this business as a salesperson and help the business with marketing and at times I popped in to train the then salesperson Simon Caddy. Simon had a clear way for the business, but his underlying passion was all things IT. I helped the business come up with the strapline “The answer you’ve been waiting for” as we sat around a hexagonal table in a small meeting room. This was soon to become my office unknown to me at the time.   

My time at my old employment had come to an end and as they say as one door closes another one opens. I found myself working for my client. Day one at the job was to come up with a new name, look and feel. 6 Weeks later after intense collaboration with our agency we delivered Phoneta – Communication Made Easy. 

Top left Rudi, Richard and Liam dressed as convicts for Children’s Hospice Jail and bail campaign, below Richard and Ant enjoying a work social.

It’s been amazing to see how us taking calls for businesses have really helped them. The number of business owners who say to me, “I don’t know how we coped before you took our calls”. It is surprising that 3 out of 4 people do not leave a message. Did you know that over £31 billion is lost each year to unanswered calls? To be fair whilst I have been looking at a new office, 2 offices have failed to secure my business as no one called me back after leaving messages on answerphones. They “forgot” to check them. I still stand by my message I have been harping on about for years, if you are spending money to promote your business do not fall at the final hurdle by not taking the call. It’s crazy why would you invest 1,000’s to then miss your next customer calling you? I have already put Phoneta in charge of taking my calls.  

I have made some great relationships in business and can honestly say I have made some great friends.  

The four years have been amazing. Throughout that time, I set up a sales team and on we went to spread the benefits of telephone answering. We have been all over the UK from West Wales to London and right across the UK. We even made it to Guernsey, although I nearly got it wrong booking the flights for Jersey, something my team will never let me forget. In the past 3 years we have developed an outbound telemarketing division and have serviced clients across the UK from property guardians, financial services, management services, SEO agencies, live business and care show events, Government ECO3 grants, car charging stations and sports sponsorships plus a mystery shopping business. I have had the opportunity to help other business owners from branding, sales and marketing.  I have even supported programmes at the college helping business owners who have launched a business in the last 3 years thrive.  

Pictured left to right in the front: Anthony Caddy, Rudi Grenfell, Josh “Joshie” Falkner. Rear: Richard Woods, Toby Whiteford, Steve Caddy and Karis Matik)

I have always found these elements very fascinating so at the end of March I will be leaving Phoneta to develop the Outbound division on my own combined with Sales Coaching and Training. Phoneta will remain an inbound call handling service and I will be developing further contracts in this sector. I once said to myself one day I will go on to own my own business and when you know you just know. This is my time to rip off the sticky plaster and move on. I will be supporting Phoneta going forward and will remain a Director of Phoneta Marketing so I will not be far away.  

I want to say a thank you to all those customers who have joined Phoneta since I joined. I hope you continue to have a long and positive relationship and you can be assured Rudi and the team will continue to support you all.  

The team feeling the heat in the summer heatwave of 2019

I would like to say a massive thank you to those who we have worked with including our amazing videographer, Cornwall Channel, design partners Big Box Creative, Impact Print, Oakmount House and TJR Media for the support over the past 4 years. Also, to Maverrik for the website and the ever-changing ideas, we have come up with.  

Thank you to Rudi Grenfell for supporting me as my Business Manager and the rest of the team I have worked with.  

(Pictured above is Rudi Grenfell, Anthony Caddy and Kevyn Caddy – All three out of their comfort zones but thriving)

Finally, my thanks go to Anthony Caddy and Kevyn Caddy for the opportunity to join, develop and grow in my role. If it wasn’t for these two, I would not be able to set myself up in business. It was always in the plan when I joined. As I said when you know, you just know.  

I never thought my first ever shareable would be so relevant now. Thank you to everyone at Phoneta for my amazing journey.

Richard Woods

First social shareable as part of the new brand