Unleashing Your Focus: Boost Productivity with a Telephone Answering Service for Estate Agents

Phoneta Unleashing Your Focus: Boost Productivity with a Telephone Answering Service for Estate Agents
Unleashing Your Focus Boost Productivity with a Telephone Answering Service for Estate Agents

What’s the one thing that all estate agents have in common?

No, it’s not that they all work in the property industry – estate agents are ALWAYS BUSY.

On any given day, they are constantly juggling multiple tasks with numerous clients to attend to, properties to manage, and trying to close that all-important deal.

The end result? Missed opportunities, and – what’s worse – potential losses.

However, with a telephone answering service joining their team, an estate agent business will immediately start operating more efficiently, see improved customer service, and experience greater productivity.

Let’s break a few things down:

Better work-life balance

Yes, this may seem like a pipe dream to a lot of people but the simple fact is that a telephone answering service really can relieve a lot of that pressure from a super busy workplace.

Gone are the days of having to answer each phone call and take down every message; that’s all part of the service. You can even pass on diary management and booking duties.

More focus, less stress!

With somebody else looking after your calls, you can concentrate on the more important issues of your day such as planning that big property deal or arranging the next networking event.

So, say goodbye to your old flustered self, and say hello to the new calmer, more…Zen you.

Improving productivity

A telephone answering service will allow the property gurus to stop having to take every call in that busy office so that they can get back to those urgent matters that need attending to like marketing or meeting a new client. And then, when ready, be able to prioritise and respond to any messages that have been recorded.

Save you money

Right now, with practically everything costing more, being able to keep spending down should be a no-brainer – however, hiring a full-time receptionist or assistant can be expensive for estate agents, especially if they are a small business.

A telephone answering service can provide the same level of service at a fraction of the cost.

Impressed yet?

Fewer staff shortages

Holidays, sickness, or for whatever reason; staff absences – be they long or short-term – always have to be considered. So, instead of extra work being piled onto another member of staff, why not let a telephone answering service take up the slack.

Even in emergencies, something can be arranged very quickly.

Lone worker monitoring

Part of being an estate agent means viewing houses and meeting clients/landlords, yet sometimes it’s not practical for two people to do this. Not to worry, a telephone answering service can help keep your staff safer and feel secure through a simple check-in and check-out service.

Hear from one of our clients:

Want to know more?

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