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Phoneta, Your Specialist Telephone Answering Service. 

At Phoneta we’re always on the phone so you don’t have to be.

Your specialist telephone answering service, taking your calls 24-hours a day, 365 days a year since 1992.

At Phoneta we love what we do and our dedicated team handles all of your calls as if they were in your own office. This allows your business to have 24-hour telephone answering customer service capability and maximises your marketing so you never miss a lead. Instantly grow your team, increase your business hours, and giving you the freedom away from your phone to focus on running your business, knowing that we are looking after your staff and customers like they are our own.

We tailor each call to your business and collect the information you need, passing it over to you within 30 seconds of your customer hanging up. 

With 3 out of 4 people hanging up without leaving a message, what is a missed call worth to your business?

Phoneta offers telephone answering services 24-hour a day, 365 days a year, which will help support your business in many ways 

Phoneta, more than just a telephone answering service.


- Inbound call answering
- 24/7 customer service
- Lone worker monitoring
- Appointment booking
- Diary management
- Disaster recovery
- Virtual PA

- For public-facing, mobile, and fixed-position workers.
- Lone worker check-in at agreed intervals.
- Agreed protocols if check-in are missed.
- Any industry and any location.
- In accordance with the HSE.
- SMS check-in services.
- 24/7 cover.

Phoneta's call answering service has been a massive benefit to our business. Whether we are busy on shoots, in meetings or even on holiday, they make sure we never miss a call. Clients have commented on how professional the call handlers are and the service has meant that we have won time-sensitive projects that we would have missed had we not had it. It also helps to filter out spam calls, giving us more time to spend concentrating on making great content. I couldn't recommend it more.
Bull & Wolf Film Co.
I began using Phoneta nearly two years ago to cover my calls while I was away on holiday and as a trial as I thought I didn't miss any calls or the voicemail would pick them up, how wrong I was! They did such a great job that I have used them ever since! It is reassuring to know that if I am in a meeting, on holiday, or just don't have reception that my calls are covered. Everyone at Phoneta who takes the calls are all so very courteous, professional and accurate with the information they pass on. Customers and clients who are calling me are reassured that the messages will be actioned and as soon as possible by speaking to a person and not a voicemail. I would highly recommend using Phoneta!
CTCC Solutions
"Phoneta are an excellent company to do business with. They go above and beyond to find out how they can help you and produce some fantastic solutions that I wouldn’t have thought of and it works!! Phoneta are an excellent company to do business with. They go above and beyond to find out how they can help you and produce some fantastic solutions that I wouldn’t have thought of and it works!! I would highly recommend having a conversation with them as you never know what solution they can come up with to a problem you never knew you had !"
Cornwall Coaching Ltd
Setting Phoneta up was so easy and they were very helpful. They answer the phone just the way I would want it done – very warm, friendly and professional. Its like having a very polished person at your reception desk. I highly recommend Phoneta.
Greyfriars Estate Planning
Phoneta have only recently taken over as the telephone answering service for Sekoya Specialist Employment Services and they have been absolutely faultless. Their service is second to none and their staff are brilliant with our clients who are often distressed. If there was one business that would put you to the test it is ours and you hit the mark and indeed exceeded expectations. I cannot recommend Phoneta enough.
We can’t thank Phoneta enough for their help and quick set up at the start of the COVID-19 crisis. This has been invaluable for us at The Will Centre and The Probate Centre, helping us to deal with calls as our staff was reduced substantially due to furlough 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟
The Will Centre
Phoneta are absolute stars, their call answering service has been phenomenal and lovely people to work with.
Big Box Advertising
We at Your Partnerships would be lost without Phoneta and their professional services. Phoneta’s professional team take our calls and make our business first impression world class. If you are a small team, or if you are a solo business owner, this is invaluable as it will give your business a touch of class and your customers will assume you are much larger than you currently are. We really love all the work that Phoneta have captured for us over the years and if you wish to know more I am happy to speak to you about their services.
Your Partnerships
Phoneta have been answering our calls for almost four years and it's a service we could never do without now! Professional, polite and better at answering the phone than we are! We very much think of Phoneta as an extension to our team.
Big Box Advertising
As Cornwall’s business champion, Cornwall Chamber of Commerce needs to display best practice in everything we do. Having Phoneta to make sure we never miss a call is very reassuring - and they provide a very efficient service
Cornwall Chamber of Commerce
We have only been clients of Phoneta for a few months but in that time they have become a real asset at an affordable cost. Highly recommended!
Kernow Media
As a family business, we were initially a little worried that outsourcing our telephones overnight would have a negative impact on our client’s perception of us by losing the personal edge. I am pleased to be able to say that these worries were allayed within the first few weeks of our working partnership with Phoneta. The call handlers at Phoneta are courteous and professional. The link between our clients and our overnight staff is seamless and the addition of call recording and instant playback make it very easy to query details, etc. Over time we have developed an excellent working relationship with the night team at Phoneta and they seem to have worked hard to gain an understanding of us, and how we work. This is the type of thing that builds trust and gives added value to our interactions. I have no hesitation in recommending Phoneta’s services as a positive addition to any business that operates 24/7 as we do.
G.S.D Security
We joined Phoneta whilst we were busy at the start of last year. Their team quickly adapted to the way we work, and they picked up all the calls we would have missed. They became integral to our operations and are so glad we have them helping us at the start of this season. We would recommend them to any holiday companies looking to improve their customer service. It's great to have the team there and available during the peaks of calling times so every customer call is answered and we're not missing any potential bookings.
Cofton Holidays
We use Phoneta because, quite frankly, we need them. We don’t want to miss calls from our clients, they are very important, but we can’t always get to the phone when we are working on our client’s admin because we don’t want to interrupt what we’re doing. By having Phoneta, there in the background taking our calls, its great, they’re hugely professional. The amount of my clients who phone up and say to me “I’ve left a message and the people who answered the phone I thought it was you” and that’s how good they are. They will be your business, they will be the people that are representing you, and they will make your business sound, and be, better than it already is.
Annie Page & Associates
We've used Phoneta for the last 6 years. We don't have an office location we have a lot of mobile and home workers, so when we formed we picked Phoneta straight away. They gave us an instant telephone number, they gave us a great messaging service and they sold our company when they answered the phone. It's exactly the service you want. Over the years we have continued working with them and plan to do so for the foreseeable future.
The service is so much better than having people wait for me to call them back if I’m on a shoot. I'm not a massive business receiving lots of calls, however, the calls that I might have missed, and Phoneta answered, all resulted in bookings.
Elizabeth Melvin Photography
We have been using Phoneta for about 2 years now and it the best thing we have ever done. Tuesday I was left in the office on my own due to staff holidays and if I have to leave to go to client meetings I have the confidence that Phoneta are going to be there to answer the phone and deal with any client query's as they came through. I recommend them highly, its the peace of mind when nobody's in the office, or all the phones are ringing, that the call is going to be answered in a professional manner.
GW & Co Accountants
We are really really proud to be supported by Phoneta who take all of our missed calls. Our phones never stop ringing at the radio station and it's really good to know that we have got a peace of mind service having real people answer our phone calls. Whether it's our listeners, or our clients, as Cornwall's newest independent radio station we are really glad that we can use their service to make sure we look and sound bigger. This makes sure that we set the right credibility and the right profile to our listeners and to our clients. At the end of the day life is better with Phoneta.
Rewind Radio
We have offices throughout Cornwall dealing with sales and lettings. Phoneta have been exceptionally brilliant at taking all the calls when staff are busy or at an appointment, we know for sure that every phone call counts. They're answered and are emailed to us, so anything that you might have missed will be waiting and you're quickly on top of all those enquires. It's a complete service 24 hours day, 7 days a week, and you cant wish for better than that.
We are an ethical healthcare company providing care services and provisions around the UK. We have been using Phoneta for 12 months and it's an absolutely fantastic service. It really helps build bridges between our clients and our staff and means that we don't miss any calls and everything is dealt with effectively.
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