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Phoneta, taking and making your calls from only £1 per day.

At Phoneta we’re always on the phone so you don’t have to be.

Specialists in telephone answering, lone worker monitoring and outbound lead generation. Taking and making calls 24 hours a day 365 days a year for over 27 years.

At Phoneta we love what we do and our dedicated team handles all of your calls as if they were in your own office. This allows your business to have 24 hour customer service capability and maximises your marketing so you never miss a lead. Instantly growing your team, increasing your business hours, as well as giving you the freedom away from your phone to focus on running your business, knowing that we are looking after your staff and customers like they are our own.

We tailor each call to your business and collect the information you need, passing it over to you within 30 seconds of the call and always confirming the message has been received so no call is missed and no customers are left waiting.

With 3 out of 4 people hanging up without leaving a message, what is a missed call worth to your business?

What we do

Inbound Call Answering

Lone Worker Monitoring

Disaster Recovery

Overflow Day Answering

Outbound Lead Generation

Diary Management

Sales Consultancy

Out of Hours Telephone Answering

Data Cleansing

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Phoneta offers business telephone answering 24 hours a day 365 days a year, this will help support your business in many ways

Help during busy times

Give you time back in your own business

Improve productivity

Help with staff shortages

Reduce costs

Phoneta can provide you with the peace of mind your staff are being monitored with our Lone Worker check in and out service. Your staff tell us where they are going, how long they will be and when they become free. If they miss their return time, we will instigate the Lone Worker protocols and follow your company procedures.

We are currently working with the  NHS, GSD Securities and Local Councils.

How it works: Telephone answering

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We take and make calls for all types of businesses.

- Inbound call answering
- 24/7 customer service
- Lone worker monitoring
- Appointment booking
- Diary management
- Disaster recovery
- Virtual PA

-Outbound lead generation
-Appointment booking
-Market research
-GDPR Compliant
-Data cleansing
-B2B or B2C

-For public-facing, mobile, and fixed-position workers.
-Lone worker check-in at agreed intervals.
-Agreed protocols if check-in are missed.
-Any industry and any location.
-In accordance with the HSE.
-SMS check-in services.
-24/7 cover.

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Phoneta's call answering service has been a massive benefit to our business. Whether we are busy on shoots, in meetings or even on holiday, they make sure we never miss a call. Clients have commented on how professional the call handlers are and the service has meant that we have won time-sensitive projects that we would have missed had we not had it. It also helps to filter out spam calls, giving us more time to spend concentrating on making great content. I couldn't recommend it more.

Bull & Wolf Film Co.

I began using Phoneta nearly two years ago to cover my calls while I was away on holiday and as a trial as I thought I didn't miss any calls or the voicemail would pick them up, how wrong I was! They did such a great job that I have used them ever since! It is reassuring to know that if I am in a meeting, on holiday, or just don't have reception that my calls are covered. Everyone at Phoneta who takes the calls are all so very courteous, professional and accurate with the information they pass on. Customers and clients who are calling me are reassured that the messages will be actioned and as soon as possible by speaking to a person and not a voicemail. I would highly recommend using Phoneta!

CTCC Solutions

"Phoneta are an excellent company to do business with. They go above and beyond to find out how they can help you and produce some fantastic solutions that I wouldn’t have thought of and it works!! Phoneta are an excellent company to do business with. They go above and beyond to find out how they can help you and produce some fantastic solutions that I wouldn’t have thought of and it works!! I would highly recommend having a conversation with them as you never know what solution they can come up with to a problem you never knew you had !"

Cornwall Coaching Ltd

Setting Phoneta up was so easy and they were very helpful. They answer the phone just the way I would want it done – very warm, friendly and professional. Its like having a very polished person at your reception desk. I highly recommend Phoneta.

Greyfriars Estate Planning

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