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One month on from the New Year, are you still working towards your resolutions?



Today is February the 1st, one month since we took stock of 2021 and set our intentions for 2022. Many people will set personal and business-related resolutions, but how many of these goals have already fallen by the wayside? How many people have given up because they just don’t know how to achieve these targets, or don’t have the resources available to them?

In this blog we’ll let you know how a telephone answering service can help you reach your goals and keep your resolutions for the coming year.

• I want more leads or sales in my business.
Every business wants more leads or more sales, and many businesses will spend a large portion of their marketing budget on advertising, however, all that counts for nothing if you don’t answer the phone when your customers call. By missing these calls, you are falling at the final hurdle and wasting the opportunities available to you. With a telephone answering service, every single call your customers make is answered and your customers are left safe in the knowledge they’ve spoken to someone at your business and are expecting a callback.

• We want to improve our customer service.
Once you’ve got captured your leads and converted them into customers, they may expect to be able to contact you whenever they need you. Customer service is more important than ever, but if you’re a small business how can you be available all the time? With a telephone answering service, you can have 24/7 customer service. We can tailor the service to take messages for you, or we can be a little more involved and give out information, take bookings or update your CRM. Just get in touch with the team to find out we can help improve your customer service, 01209 823 456.

• I want to improve my work-life balance.
Once you’ve got your new customers and you’re focusing on having 24-hour customer service, how does this fit with your own life goals? Many people have reflected upon the disruption in the last few years and decided they want to improve their work-life balance. Making changes to their lives that will leave them with more time, but will your customers appreciate it? With telephone answering, you can have 24-hour customer service, but buy yourself back time and improve your work-life balance. Being able to turn off your phone, or take some time out of your business knowing that we are looking after your customers and capturing all your sales leads.

• As a company we want to be more aware and take care of our team’s mental health
Along with work-life balance, people are considering their own and their team’s mental health. Improving the culture of your office, whilst also growing your business can be tough and studies have shown that constant distractions can decrease the quality of work produced. With an answering service, your team can relax and only answer calls when they have the time, knowing that each customer query or sales opportunity is captured to follow up on.

• I want to grow the size of my Team
You’ve decided this year you want to grow the size of your team, but don’t have the time or finances to go through an expensive recruitment and retention process, we can help. Giving you an outsourced team where you only pay for the time they are working. A cheaper, easier, and quicker alternative to quickly expand your team.

If you need help with any of the goals discussed above, or you have any other challenges in your business get in touch to organise a one-to-one with a team member to find out how we can help you achieve your goals.

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