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What we do

Inbound Call Answering

Lone Worker Monitoring

Disaster Recovery

Out of Hours Telephone Answering

Live Call Transfers

Diary Management

In its most simple term, what we do for a business is answer their phone when they can’t. 

Within this, there are services we can offer such as:

Inbound call answering: we can be there to answer your calls when you can’t. We can take your calls during the day when your team is busy or to cover for staff holidays, lunch times and meetings. 

Live call transfers: you can use us as your dedicated switchboard reception team, take your calls and pass it over to the correct member of your team. 

External CRM & diary management: we can log into your external system, take bookings, and answer customer queries. 

Lone Worker Monitoring: keeping your staff safe with our simple check-in and check-out service. 

Disaster Recovery: Your business has been flooded, your phone lines are down, or you have no way of operating. Drop us a call, and we can help get you back up and running again. 

Out of hours telephone answering: Your business is closed, but you don’t want to miss leads or emergencies, at the end of the day you can put your calls through to us. 


Help during busy times

Give you time back in your own business

Improve productivity

Help with staff shortages

Reduce Overheads

Our services can help business owners by: 

Help during busy times: if your business has daily, or seasonal fluctuations, and you find you have periods you can’t answer all your calls, we can step in and help manage your busy times. 

Giving you back time in your own business: When you need to focus on strategy, or give your current project your full focus, but your phone won’t stop ringing

Improving productivity: are you staff constantly getting pulled away from what they’re working on to answer the phone? We can be there to take the calls and send an email to be followed up when the important tasks are done. Allowing all queries to be responded to in order of priority. 

Helping with staff shortages : if you find you have staff shortages we can help, for periods of holiday, sickness, or parental leave. This can be on a long or short term basis. For emergencies we can have a business set up and ready to take calls in the same day. 

Reducing overheads: You can have a 24/7 reception desk whilst only paying for the calls we take.  

Improving your work-life balance: Many business owners need to be available 24/7, but we can alleviate this for you. Answering each call and taking a message allows business owners to respond when they can and in order of priority. It also helps filter out sales and other nuisance calls.

Phoneta offers business telephone answering 24 hours a day 365 days a year, this will help support your business in many ways

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