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Is your business falling at the final hurdle?

Is your business falling at the final hurdle?

2020 has been a tough time for all businesses.  The grip of the pandemic has been inescapable; however, business must go on. Many companies have taken advantage of the government help available, such as bounce back loans and grants, and are using these to fund marketing campaigns in a bid to reach potential customers. But how many of these are still falling at the final hurdle, not answering their phone when a customer calls?

Every interaction you have with your customers is crucial and failing to answer the phone can leave them frustrated and damage your brand. How many of your customers have called and been left on hold, placed in a queue or gone through to the dreaded answerphone. Customers have no interest in the fact you are short-staffed, busy or in a meeting, and more than likely will call the next available business, your competitor, who can fulfil their needs. Just one of these missed calls a week is 52 potential customers your business may have missed in a year. Make that one a day, and the numbers begin to stack up. £31.6 Billion is lost each year in the UK from unanswered calls, and 3 out of 4 customers will not leave a voicemail.  

This is where Phoneta can help. During lockdown new rules, protocols and restrictions have led to an increase in the call’s businesses are receiving creating an even larger problem. Outsourcing calls means your business can manage the communications with your customers, prioritising messages and leaving all customers safe in the knowledge that they have spoken to your company and have no need to contact your competitors.

We are a call answering service with a difference, we are always on the phone, so you don’t have to be. From less than £1 a call you can have round the clock cover and be able to communicate with your customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With a simple divert process, your calls can pass through to our agents who are trained to remain anonymous, courteous and efficient. They can answer simple questions regarding a business’s opening times and address’, take requested information from your customers, book appointments, take orders and then pass this information over to you within 30 seconds of the caller hanging up. Creating an expansion of your team, less disruption in your own office and lets you give your current customers your undivided attention. Meaning all the hard work and money you have spent on marketing isn’t wasted, and you can capitalise on every single potential lead. 

Don’t fall at the final hurdle; make sure your business will never miss a call, or a new customer, again.

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