Keeping Your Practice Healthy: The Role of Telephone Answering Services in Healthcare

Managing a bustling GP practice presents significant challenges, especially when juggling coverage within designated hours while attempting to facilitate breaks, training sessions, and cleaning.

What’s the remedy?

Well, it’s not about adding more receptionists to the team. The optimal solution lies in enrolling in a telephone answering service. Before you realize it, your practice will operate with enhanced smoothness and efficiency.

How it works

When you have an answering service on hand, everything is so much easier. Whoever is taking care of your calls will answer the phone in your Practice’s name – exactly like your own receptionist – then, they will either tell the patient to call back when you are open again or, in case of emergency, take the patient’s call and relay their message to a designated member of your team.

Top and Tail Cover.

At Phoneta, we understand the importance of maintaining continuous communication with your patients. That’s why our telephone answering service goes beyond regular office hours, providing top and tail cover to bridge the gap during crucial times.

Morning Support: Many medical practices experience a surge in calls during the early morning rush. With our top-cover service, our professional team ensures that your patients’ calls are answered promptly, delivering a seamless extension of your practice’s customer service.

Evening Support: As the day winds down, ensuring that patient calls are attended to becomes equally vital. Our tail cover service extends your accessibility, guaranteeing that patient inquiries or emergencies are handled efficiently, even during the transition from work hours to closing.

Lunchtime Coverage and Closure for Training, Cleaning, and Team Days

Taking a break for lunch is essential for your staff’s well-being. However, patient needs don’t take a break. Our service covers your lunchtime, making sure that your practice remains accessible to patients, even when your on-site team takes a well-deserved break.

Whether it’s for staff training, office cleaning, team-building days, or any other temporary closure, our telephone answering service has you covered. During these periods, our professional call handlers efficiently manage your incoming calls, ensuring that no patient query goes unanswered.

A Comprehensive Approach to Practice Management

By integrating top and tail cover, lunchtime assistance, and coverage during closures, Phoneta’s telephone answering service becomes a comprehensive solution for managing your practice’s communication needs. This approach not only enhances the efficiency of your day-to-day operations but also contributes to an elevated level of patient care.

A cost-effective approach

In these challenging economic times, keeping track of your business’ finances is more important than ever, which is why hiring a full-time receptionist can put more pressure on the practice – especially when you factor in pension; sick pay and paid-for annual leave. A professional call answering service immediately starts saving you money as there’s only a small monthly fee, therefore cutting out the expenses for hiring, training and managing staff. Win-win!

Want to know more?

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