Enhancing Property Management Excellence: How Phoneta Revolutionised Pure UK’s Operations

Who they are:

Pure UK provides first-class property services throughout West Cornwall. Their friendly and professional team are all experts in the holiday home rental, property sales, and management industry who have a comprehensive knowledge of the local area.

Since Pure started back in 2009, they have worked hard to establish themselves as one of the most successful operators in their field and have seen bookings increase year on year, with 2011 turning out to be an incredible record-breaker; achieving quadruple the amount of business compared to the previous 12 months.

The problem:

The property management business always had to operate a 24/7 out-of-hours customer call service which translated to four staff members having no real work-life balance. Aside from this inconvenience, a large percentage of the calls were unproductive and not even an emergency.

What Phoneta did:

We got together with Pure Cornwall’s team so that we could get a good idea of how their organisation works; breaking everything down step by step, and once a clear understanding was established, we created tailor-made protocols with a tier system so any potential emergencies are still received and assessed on a 24/7 basis and actioned appropriately.

With Phoeneta now working with Pure Cornwall – having access to their own in-house systems all phone calls are recorded for them to follow up and only one member of their team has to be on standby which makes for a happier, healthier, and more efficient workplace.

In summary, the benefits that Pure Cornwall saw with our services were as follows:

  • Improved customer service; a call answering service can ensure calls from tenants or property owners are always answered promptly and professionally, even during busy periods. This can help to improve customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Increased productivity; by outsourcing call answering to Phoneta, Pure staff can focus on their core responsibilities, such as property maintenance and tenant relations, without being constantly interrupted by phone calls.
  • Greater efficiency; a call answering service can help to streamline communication between property managers, tenants, and property owners by triaging calls, taking messages, and routing calls to the appropriate person or department.
  • Continual feedback; as part of the service, Phoneta gives weekly/monthly reviews and regular meetings – plus a 24/7 account manager is also provided.
  • Statistical data; Phoneta provides Pure with hourly/weekly stats to help with their staffing levels and shift times.

Pure’s testimony:

“Our property management business operates through a complex system of multiple booking agencies and hundreds of property owners. With Phoneta’s assistance, we were able to shift from instructing multiple regional out-of-hour in-house operators to one centralised out-of-hours service.

It has resulted in us providing superior service to our clients at a lower cost. Getting the service started was a complex procedure that involved new systems for Phoneta, they met every challenge we presented with enthusiasm and flexibility to meet our specific needs.

Being in close contact with their operational team has meant almost instantaneous improvements in procedure whenever feedback was provided. All our staff speak highly of the communicative relationship they have with the Phoneta team and the reduction in out-of-hours responsibilities for our staff has improved company morale and job satisfaction for our staff.

Initially, when seeking an answering service, I was very hesitant. I have worked in companies whose outsourced answering services are as robotic as can be. However, Phoneta’s call answerers provide the human touch and a proactive approach to solving the problems they are presented with, essential aspects of our business.

I couldn’t be happier with the service we have received from Phoneta and look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.”

If you want Phoneta to help you achieve a more streamlined, cost-effective, and productive business, then contact us at 01209 311 311. Alternatively, leave a message via our social media platforms – just click on the relevant icons via this website.