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Specialist Answering for Emergency Engineers

Phoneta call answering has been designed with YOUR needs in mind. 

We know that being able to answer emergency calls quickly and efficiently is important for your business, as well as making sure each emergency call reaches your team, so we have created the perfect solution for you. 

The Phoneta team are specialists in call confirmation and escalation policies, answering your calls promptly and than making sure every message is received by your team. 

You can improve your response times,  having a team to take your calls 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, answering within six seconds and passing this straight over to your team.

Improve the work-life balance of your team, they will only have to answer emergency calls, the Phoneta team can filter out any non-emergency calls to deal with the next day. 

Fully flexible, our service can be tailored to fit with your operating procedures and how you communicate with your customers.

What our customers say:


As a family business, we were initially a little worried that outsourcing our telephones overnight would have a negative impact on our clients perception of us by losing the personal edge. I am please to be able to say that these worries were allayed within the first few weeks of our working partnership with Phoneta. 

The call handlers at Phoneta are courteous and professional. The Link between our client’s and our overnight staff is seamless and the addition of call recording and instant playback make it very easy to query details, etc. 

Overtime we have developed an excellent working relationship with the night team at Phoneta and they seem to have worked hard to gain an understanding of us, and how we work. This is the type of thing that builds trust and gives added value to our interactions. I have no hesitation in recommending Phoneta’s services as a positive addition to any business that operates 24/7 as we do. 

Roger Thomas 

G.S.D Security 

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