9 Reasons why your business should exhibit

9 Reasons why your business should exhibit.

Why is exhibiting so good for business? What can it do for your products and your clients? How can being an exhibitor boost your exposure and sales?


  1. Showcase newest products – Trade shows are one of the best venues to feature your latest cutting-edge product. Nothing beats a hands-on demonstration of an innovative product put in front of a captive audience.
  2. Expand customer base – Every attendee that you speak to and gain details of is another lead waiting for you back at the office. Larger trade shows can produce hundreds of qualified leads, therefore, laying the foundation for new client sales during and after the show.
  3. Obtain feedback and opinions from customers – One of the best ways of improving your brand is from the feedback you obtain from current and prospecting customers. This could be done face to face or through an already created attendee survey.
  4.  Explore new product offerings – A trade show is a perfect place to see other companies new and innovative products that are either of use to you and your company or can give you an insight into your competitor’s products.
  5. Strengthen your bond with existing customers – Meet your existing customers face to face and remind them why they use and love your company. While most of today‚Äôs business is conducted over the email inbox or phone, face-to-face meetings are undeniably a fantastic way to do business.
  6. Learn more about your competitors – Maintaining a competitive edge in your industry requires you to know your key competitors. Trade shows allow you to size up your competitors in person and see how they are marketing their products.
  7. Move your excess inventory – If your warehouse or office is bursting at the seams with excess inventory, you can introduce special offers on overstocked items. You could even bring some of these items with you to use as giveaways to key customers.
  8. Speak directly to your target market – Picking a trade show that is right for your business is vital, this will allow you to capitalise on the rewards of rich footfall tailored for your business. Exhibiting is the perfect chance to speak to a large captive audience in a short space of time.
  9. Meet new companies that can help you – Although trade shows are great for boosting your own business, it is also a perfect time to connect with other companies that may be able to assist you or are looking for assistance themselves.


Trade shows are the perfect place not to only market your product to a vast amount of prospecting customers, but then sell your product to those exact same customers.